Established in 2000, TranZplus Engineering is a dynamic company that offers technologically advanced mechanical power transmission solutions for the sole of being a reliable and knowledgeable supplier for:

1) Factory Automation 2) Electronic Manufacturing industries.
3) Oil & Gas Industries 4) Chemical Industries
5) Pharmaceutical industries 6) R&D Development Industries
  We strongly believed in:


We will only exist, grow and prosper together with our customer.
Recognizing our responsibilities as industrialists.

We will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities thereby helping the customers to be more effective and efficient.

TranZplus has attained the International Organization for Standardization –

ISO 9001:2008
     ISO 14001:2004

We strive to be the preferred vendor for mechanical power transmission with providing
Informative technical knowledge,
delivery of innovative solutions to facilitate good reliable solutions,
and at the same time, being cost effective.

As the preferred vendor in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission industry and with a brand that stands for quality, our customers can be certain of our commitment to help them rise to the top.